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Shipping and Charges

!!! The Corna crisis can lead to longer processing and shipping times !!!

We reserve the right to correct the shipping costs. Unfortunately it is not always possible

the items to pack into one package.

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The shipping costs for other countries please ask us in writing. Please specify to which item (s) it is, just because the shipping costs to foreign countries vary greatly.

Pick up in our factory;
Our Shop is open
Monday           9:00 - 15:30
Tuesday         9:00 – 14:00
Wednesday   9:00 – 14:00
Thursday        9:00 - 15:30
Friday              9:00 - 11:30

Tax refunds:

To get the VAT back from us you need the form:
"Export and customer certificate for VAT purposes
  Exports in non-commercial travel (ž 6 Abs. 3 a UStG) "
              here as a PDF file
Completed and stamped within 4 weeks to send back to us.

We also charge a processing fee of 12 EUR.
A refund is only to a German bank account or per
  PayPal if the payment was made via Paypal. plus 2.50 EUR fee


Your order goes immediately to be packed in our warehouse.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to pack anything else. If you want us to do this anyway, we will charge a repackaging fee.


If you send parts back we must calculate 10% (min. 5 €) fees.

VAT refund:

Deliveries outside the EU:
No VAT will be charged for direct deliveries outside the EU. (only with a delivery address abroad)
For direct deliveries outside the EU over EUR 1,000, we charge a processing surcharge of EUR 20 for the customs documents.

For a shipment within the EU that is subsequently brought to a non-EU country, we do not accept any VAT reimbursement.