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Wood Filler 200 g black 60

Art.No.: 820313
Wood Filler 200 g black 60
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Wood Filler 200 g black 60
Water-based acrylic filler specifically formulated for wood. Ecological, fast drying. Very low shrinkage. Light resistant colors interior exterior use.
How to use

Choose the required shade (preferably darker than the support to be treated) and apply the filler directly onto the cleaned fault.

Leave to dry for 6/8 hours, depending on the thickness of the coat.

Sand off any excess.

Remove any dust or grease and paint the surface with either solvent based products, water based (Multipurpose concentrated dye, Water-based pastel stains, Spirit stains).
Once dry paint over (Holzwachs spray) o or wax over (Beeswax in paste form).